Dermatologistas brasileiros estarão na Coordenação e como Palestrantes no FRM F162 – “Aestfetic and Surgical Procedures in Latin America”.

Data: 16.03.2015

Date: Tuesday, March 24

CME Credits: 2.00

Location: Room 3006 (West Bldg.)

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Director: Ricardo Seiji Shiratsu, MD

  • André Braz, MD
  • Valeria Campos, MD
  • Gaston N Galimberti, MD
  • Gabriel Teixeira Gontijo, MD
  • Beni M Grinblat, MD
  • Bogdana Victoria Kadunc, MD
  • Ana P. Gomes Meski, MD
  • Joaquim J.T. Mesquita Filho, MD
  • Marcio Soares Serra, MD
  • Reinaldo Tovo, MD

Learning Objectives:
Following this course, the attendee should be able to:

  • Describe main surgical and cosmetic procedures performed in Latin America.
  • Discuss indications, technique approaches, post-op and long term outcomes.
  • Identify peculiarities regarding sunny latitudes and higher skin phototypes.

When considering surgical and aesthetic procedures, Latin America presents peculiar cultural expectations, lower latitudes leading to more sun exposure and a mixture of fair and tanned skin phototypes with a tendency to pigment and scar development. Skillful indications and correct approach thus are necessary. This forum is a potpourri of the main important points to consider when treating dermatology patients in Latin America.


Tuesday, March 24
1:00 PM Aesthetic Procedures Demos In Brazilian Meeting As A Teaching Tool / Dr. Shiratsu
1:05 PM Botulinum Toxin : Most Frequent Uses and Anatomical Reference Points in Brazilian Patients / Dr. Meski
1:20 PM Fillers: Most Frequent Uses and Anatomical Reference Points in Brazilian Patients / Dr. Braz
1:35 PM HIV Lipodystrophy: Rehabilitations Management Approaches / Dr. Serra
1:50 PM Day Light PDT in Sunny Latitudes / Dr. Grinblat
2:05 PM Keloids And Unaesthetic Scars / Dr. Kadunc
2:15 PM Mohs Surgery Practice Challenges In Latin America / Dr. Galimberti
2:25 PM Fraccional Laser In Higher Skin Phototypes In Sunny Latitudes / Dr. Campos
2:35 PM Practical Cases and Tips Panel / Dr. Gontijo and Dr. Tovo
2:55 PM Discussion and Closure / Dr. Shiratsu